About Us

The New New Co. is a concierge service company. The main objective is to create an easy one stop site for curated gifts and experiences for you and those you love the most! Our gift service is available for 2 main reasons, for the perfect gift idea OR for the perfect idea and execution of that idea! That’s right you set the budget, answer a few simply questions, and voila a personalized perfect gift is selected packaged and delivered for you. Our “experience” service is a customized personalized experience service to ensure you have the best weekend getaway, honeymoon, friend trip and the list goes on that aligns with your budget and your preferences! No research time, no reservations needed, we do this for you! A personalized perfect experience every single time.

Meet the curator

Mandi Newman

Hi! My name is Mandi Newman and I am a self proclaimed control freak. I love creating the perfect gift or experience for my loved ones. From “just because” gifts to throwing a last minute gender reveal party, I care about each and every detail. I pride myself on my ability to listen, learn, and execute. This is how The New New Co. was born.