Where is this service available?

Thankfully with robust online ordering and delivery services, this concierge experience is currently available across Canada and the USA.

Once I send an email inquiry, how long before I hear back from you?

We guarantee we will get back to you within 48 hours, but our goal is 24 hours! 

Is there a minimum budget requirement?

No, we are not in the business of more is more, in fact, sometimes less is more. We want to design something that fits your budget and makes a lasting impression.

I can just do this myself, why do I need to pay a fee?

The New New Co. is service based, it's designed to create an easy, curated, beautiful experience that allows you to spend your time working, living, and doing what you love! If you love buying gifts, then this service may not be for you. I am here for those that are filled with love but sometimes due to lack of time, lack of inspiration, or other factors need a little help planning. Are you are going to NYC and have limited time for research and reservations? What about that perfect thoughtful gift for your mother in law? For all occasions, people, and budgets The New New Co. hopes to make your life just a little more simple!

Is there a discount available if we a returning or reoccurring clients?

Absolutely, a 5% discount is available if you sign up for services more than once, and an additional discount if you sign up in advance for multiple gifts/experiences!

How much notice do you need to create my gift or experience?

This will vary based on budget, occasion, and level of detail you require, but for a gift please allow at least 48 hours notice, more notice is always better. For experiences, please allow at least 2 weeks notice, again more time is preferred. 

What if I am not happy with the prescribed gift or experience?

I will be in constant communication, looking for feedback, asking as many questions as I can, and will almost always provide you with a minimum of TWO options that you can review, tweak, and customize as we go! 

How will you communicate?

Depending on the level of service you request and require, I will do the majority of communications via email, but for The New New experiences, often at least one Skype call will be required to discuss everything in detail, to ensure service excellence, and clarity. 

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